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wooden asalato for sale

Wooden Asalato.
Tricky Percussion Musical Instrument.


The "Beat Baklushi", also known as asalato, patica, thelevi, aslatua, kass kass, kaskas, cas-cas, kashaka, koshkash, banakula, kush kash and kosika, is a traditional percussion instrument from West Africa. Originaly it's made from the nuts of Oncoba Spinosagourd tree.  Consisting of two shaker balls connected by a string. Pair of them are used for playing, one in each hand. Holding one ball in the palm so that the second one hangs on a string between the index and middle finger. Hand movements can be synchronous or different, which allows you to get very interesting rhythmic patterns. The basic techniques of playing "beat baklushi" can be mastered very quickly, but you will always have a lot to grow and complicate the technique of the game to get interesting rhythms. This instrument can produce a wide range of tones and sounds depending on how it is played, making it a versatile and expressive addition to any musical performance, singing and self-accompaniment. The uniqueness of this percussion is that it combines the sound of a shaker and a rhythmic instrument, creating clicks. An experienced performer can get complex rhythms on "cas cas", giving the audience the impression of juggling, despite the fact that it is much easier to start playing it than to learn to juggle with two hands. "Patika" masters demonstrate amazing things with these musical instrument. Despite its size and simple design, it is a powerful percussion instrument that has been used to create vibrant and exciting music. Whether you are a professional musician or just a casual music lover, the "beat baklushi" is a fascinating instrument that is sure to capture your imagination and inspire you to explore different rhythms.

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Made of solid wood, equipped with low stretch cotton rope and linen bag. Weight 75 g, ball diameter 5 cm.


$35 for a TWO-HAND SET


We offer worldwide shipping.

Delivery will take 10 to 20 days, depending on your location.

After payment, I will contact you within 24 hours to confirm the address and other details. The parcel will be dispatched the next day, and I will provide you with the tracking number 

Please let me know if you have any difficulties with payment

How to play asalato...

Step 1. Take the ball in your hand and put the rope between the index and middle fingers. Make a "nest" with your palm and relax, hugging the ball without squeezing it.


Step 2: The length of the rope should allow you to insert your finger through it.


Step 3: The basic movement is to back and forth. Do not twist your hand; only move back and forth, shaking and shaking. The thumb should face you and approach and move away.


Step 4: Do the shaking movement. When the shaking goes down, let the ball fall. It will fly over the top and hit the other ball. The ball should fly over your thumb! The thumb should always be relaxed and rest on your index finger.


Step 5: After hitting from the top, the ball will fly back and you should catch it with your little finger.

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